This article discusses three specific catastrophic events and how security personnel was necessary and effective in providing relief to all individuals affected.

When disasters happen there is no such thing as too many trained first responders. Even when primary government agencies are tasked with immediate rescue and crowd management responsibilities, private security agencies are essential to partner with officials in helping those in peril. It is vital to all involved with rescue and safety during a tragedy to have trained effective security support throughout the entire process, especially in major happenings where multiple respondents are necessary over a large area of land. While many individuals who want to volunteer can help, the truth is that trained security personnel is invaluable. Training in leadership is especially important in times of chaos, which is exactly what often happens when a calamity occurs.

Hurricane Harvey

The most recent epic disaster in the United States was when Hurricane Harvey stalled over south Texas in 2017. Texas is famous for floods, but this was well beyond what the area typically experiences even in heavy weather patterns. The hurricane actually became lodged between two high pressure systems and continually trained rain on all of the southern part of the state. The impact pervaded the entire region, and there were many rescue runs performed by locals and trained security personnel who actually knew what to expect when arriving at a life-threatening scene. The need for comprehensive assistance was overwhelming with Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Irma

While the dynamic of the track of Hurricane Irma was much different from Harvey, this weather disaster yielded similar results. Over 38,000 security responders were needed across the entire state after the hurricane tracked directly north up the Gulf of Mexico coast. The path of damage that affected Floridians prompted the need for massive numbers of trained personnel to assist in the rescue and evacuation areas. The Department of Homeland Security needed all of the assistance they could garner, as well as finding new personnel to add to the agency.

World Trade Towers Attack

The events of 9/11 clearly stand alone as the most extreme example of when trained security personnel are vital in a catastrophe. As in all tragic events, the scenario controls the actions that first-aid and security officers use to help all of those affected, especially regarding medical attention. The entire episode was centered in a small area of downtown New York City and caught everyone off guard, including the numerous firehouses located throughout the city. The confusion lasted for an extended period, and trained security was of the essence throughout the entire period.

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