Rely on training and instinct to handle an emergency during spring break. These tips can save a life.

Spring break is a time for people to enjoy the warmer air at the beach and let loose of their inhibitions. Fun and games might go on without a hitch, but emergencies can occur. As a security professional, you must be ready for almost any scenario. Learn how to effectively handle an emergency during spring break so that you can remain the hero that you already are inside.

1. Focus on Simplicity

The majority of emergencies that you’ll encounter will be simplistic by nature. A person might pass out from too much sun. Alcohol may be involved. When you’re called to a location, stay calm and observe the situation. Handling the emergency by hydrating the person may be the only task necessary. Follow it up with a call to medical personnel. Any person who’s in distress during spring break may need a doctor’s attention.

Don’t be afraid to call for help yourself. You have extensive training, but some situations may be too complex. Ascertain the emergency details to help out other first responders.

2. Document the Situation

As the emergency situation stabilizes, pivot to documentation tasks. Ask nearby loved ones about the person’s name, address and other personal information. Be aware of any allergies that they might have, from bee stings to seasonal outbursts. Take down an emergency contact’s name so that the victim has a point of contact. During an emergency, the distressed person may be taken to a hospital. This point of contact must have some information about where to go or who to ask for as the situation continues.

3. Ask for Help

Spring break usually involves groups of people having a good time. If an emergency occurs where there are multiple people involved, call for backup. You may be a strong, security guard, but you can’t take on the world. People in distress and upset bystanders can make a situation more volatile than it needs to be. Work with the people at the emergency location, but be sure to have a call in for more help. Other security personnel can help you with distressed people and documentation.

A calm yet firm voice is the best tone to take with anyone dealing with an emergency. Remind yourself that they’re scared of the situation. You are in control, however. Maintain a calm demeanor, and the emergency can be dealt with in the safest manner possible. Security personnel are crucial to spring-break safety and fun.