There are many ways to make money in this Trump-ed up era, and I have discovered a way. (Like Columbus)  No. I’m kidding. The good people at The Balance has the right ideas to help us all take a little payback for our budgets. From junk drawer items to sell on Ebay, to finding the right apps with cash back.  Like Uber, you can go from earning to chilling in mere seconds.  Thanks a lot to Kelly Dilworth and Suzanne Wells for these articles.  Here’s a few excerpts…

3. Get refunded when a price drops. Some apps also help you claim money that’s owed to you because of a store or credit card’s price protection benefit. For example, Paribuswill request a refund on your behalf when a store’s price drops on an item you already purchased. It will also file a claim for you if an item you ordered from a store such as Amazon or Walmart arrives late. In addition, Earny will file a claim with your credit card if you own a card from Citi or Chase. Meanwhile, Sift will file a claim with any credit card that offers price protection.” 

Cords and chargers from phones and other electronics.

Remember that day you were so excited when you got your new iPhone or Android phone?

You probably traded the old one in, and shoved the charger into a drawer somewhere. Or maybe you upgraded from a dinosaur desktop computer to a sleek new MacBook Air and no longer needed the cables, mouse, or power strip. All of these items can be sold in eBay as accessories. Otter Boxes and other brands of phone cases, wall adapters, power strips, computer cables, car chargers, and belt clips are all sellable. It doesn’t matter if the cord is from an older model electronic device, in fact, those are the money makers. Let’s say a senior citizen set in his ways just likes his 10-year-old Nokia phone. And the charger dies. It is easier for him (or his grown children helping him) to buy a new charger than for him to learn a brand new phone.”

You can find the article here to see what apps can save you money, or here to see what are the Top 10 Items In Your Junk Drawer that could turn into cash!! Thank you guys for checking in and let’s make it happen!

Excerpts taken from  Please visit The Balance for the full articles.