About Us


Who We Are
J Douglas Consulting has over 30 years of experience providing the most comprehensive security solutions. We launched our company with a goal to bring safety, CPR, and emergency response training in our community, providing exceptional security guard training for individuals who are interested in starting a career in the security industry.

Located in NYC, J Douglas Consulting was born after we realized a need for quality security following a growing number of incidents in our schools, and growing concerns over airports, subways, and communities, all having a chilling effect on our nation. Our goal is to create an environment that is safe and secured for us all.

What We Do
At J Douglas Consulting, we provide CPR/first aid, customer service, leadership, stress management, communication training to security personnel that wants to increase their skills and network for career success. We are also developing a mentoring program to enable individuals to learn from our long-term experience.

We believe that safety should be the number one priority for people. As a company striving for excellence in our offerings, we pride ourselves on employing expertly-trained professionals to deliver top-of-the-line training for clients, monitoring and safeguarding their interests.

Our service is tailored towards providing only the best CPR & safety training to individuals and companies who share the same goals and objectives of improving the quality of life for people and providing quality security services that offer peace of mind to every community. Our expert Safety Instructors have years of experience delivering custom-designed safety training aimed at meeting and exceeding your training, budgetary, and certification needs.

Mission Statement 
Creating Opportunities for Career Growth Through Training

Vision Statement 
Training that strives to create safe Communities

Our Values 
Leadership, Responsibility,Knowledge, and Community

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