This article discusses how J Douglas Consulting approaches professional training for security guards and consulting personnel before being placed with clients.

Security guards have serious responsibilities while on the job, and all of those responsibilities require effective communication. There is a distinct difference between merely exchanging discussion and effectively communicating while in an official security capacity. Professional security guards are always observant, for their own safety concerns as well as others while on duty, and must be able to analyze any given situation immediately regarding potential danger or illegal activity. Communicating effectively encompasses all aspects of a security guard’s position requirements, not just realization of a situation, and it is vital for a properly trained security guard to have these communication tools and practice them at all times while on duty.

Communicating With Individuals

It is not unusual for a security guard to be confronted with situations where they must interrogate or instruct other individuals. Whether it is managing a crowd or investigating a potential trespasser or individual engaged in illegal activity, it is always important to know what information can be helpful in making a decision in any given situation. Being succinct and non-combative at first is an excellent characteristic of any properly trained security guard or consultant, and this part of professionalism actually goes a long way in establishing professionalism and the seriousness of any issue.

Electronic Communication

All security guards should be trained extensively in how to manage their electronic devices that are invaluable for most security operations, especially in large situations where crowd control and organization is necessary. Radios and cameras are excellent communication tools, but guards or consultants must understand the technology and how to maximize the benefit of the extra security measures. Video cameras can also provide supporting evidence when needed in a serious episode of activity, and knowing the electronic tools can help the guard in making decisions to act in real time. Cameras are an extra set of eyes that do not lie. Radios likewise are very important, as assailants or trespassers both have difficulty outrunning a radio.

Security Safety Training

At J Douglas Consulting we pride ourselves in certain areas of safety security training for our clients with a focus on additional security abilities in adult and infant CPR, first aid, customer service, and especially leadership. Properly trained security officers are well-rounded in all components of what could arise for anyone in a security consulting capacity in knowing what is happening and how to respond quickly in a fluid security scenario for the safety of all individuals involved.