The security personnel who oversee a company or public space is usually the first professional to respond to a medical emergency. Professionals in this line of work should become CPR and First Aid certified so that they can improve their skills and are prepared to help when necessary.
Although security guards aren’t official medical professionals, responding to health-related emergencies is an important part of their job description. The best way to prepare for such emergencies is to take a CPR and First Aid certification course. Knowing the necessary skills to successfully help those in need will ensure that everyone stays protected when you are on duty. 
The Importance of Responding to Emergencies Appropriately
When you are supervising businessmen, shoppers, or another group of people, there is always a chance that someone will require immediate medical assistance. After you become CPR and First Aid certified, you will be equipped to handle emergencies like a child suffering from a sudden asthma attack, a senior citizen experiencing a cardiac arrest, a female shopper who falls down the stairs and hits her head, a food employee who cuts his hand, and a variety of other circumstances. These types of situations requires that someone responds immediately, and many times you will be the only professional nearby. Make sure that you embrace this opportunity and responsibility by responding to emergencies quickly and correctly. 
What to Expect in a CPR, First Aid, and Basic Life Support Course
The CPR portion of the class includes teachings about assisting choking adults and children, performing CPR on unconscious persons, and using an Automated External Defibrillator appropriately whereas the First Aid and Basic Life Support portion addresses the best ways to successfully help people who are suffering from life-threatening conditions like a bone injury, seizure, stroke, bleeding cuts, allergic reaction, and more. Security guards can expect to spend about five hours learning the material. The certification will be awarded the same day as completion. 
How to Choose a CPR and First Aid Class
The best CPR and First Aid classes adhere to the strict standards set by the American Heart Association. These highly rewarded courses also ensure that you learn everything about handling medical emergencies before you receive your certification. Make the decision to take charge of your career and future and sign up for a class today!